Importance of lost wax casting in manufacturing process

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Importance of lost wax casting in manufacturing process

Post  megan2008 on Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:45 am

One of the most accepted types of procedures that is used for making patterns is the lost wax casting. It has been considered to play a very integral part in manufacturing processes. If there is a new product, it would need to have the pattern. A sample is then taken from it and it is finally produced after it has been approved.

This pattern is so essential that a very small button requires it. In case one needs to cast an elephant in any type of metal, it would also require the pattern making. The only process that is before the pattern making in the manufacturing process is the paper design. Since the details are provided on paper, the engraver (also called pattern maker) makes the production.

The next process that follows pattern making is investment casting. Applications for these vary from one pattern to another. It is one of the primary techniques used in the modern industry. Just to make things a bit more clear it is the modernization of the old pattern making industry.

The boost of the investment casting got a great boost of the great growth in the aircraft industry. This technique is believed to also have a major role in the foundry industry as well.

Some of the uses of the lost wax casting discussed earlier were to make metal sculptures, surgical implants, dental inlays, brass statues and also making copper. To this day, this method is still in use in the making of both small and big statues made from copper, bronze and brass.

There are a lot of intricacies involved in pattern making. For one to be a good engraver (pattern maker), it would take them about 3-4 years. Even with the advent of computers to take over and try and do this technique, there is some level of human expertise that the computer cannot achieve and would mean that an individual would have to work hard to get that touch. Trying to put some human patterns on computer would not be interpreted well.

In addition, crafts made by hand don't have much cost. Sample pieces are usually made from the craft and forwarded to the manufacturers, and if approved, the casting process continues.

Now that you have the necessary information, you would want to use it wisely to get the pattern making casting processthat best fits your needs.

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