The wide applications of stainless steel casting

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The wide applications of stainless steel casting

Post  megan2008 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:31 am

Sol craft belongs to sol investment casting or precision casting,which is a little cutting or no cutting casting process, and also is a superior technology in investment casting manufacturers, its application is very extensive. It is not only applicable to all types and alloy casting, and the castings produced dimensional accuracy, surface quality is higher than the other casting methods. Castings,which are difficultly casted with other casting methods,can be casted with presicion investment casting.

Our main product covers castings,values and motor frames which wildly used in electrical,shipping and pharmaceutical enterprises.90% products are export to all around with high standard quality,design and service.

The standard 304 and 316 type stainless steels offer similar strengths to those of the low carbon steels but with much improved corrosion resistance. The molybdenum containing 316 type has become the standard stainless for constructional applications and sea water environments.

Significantly higher strengths and wear resistance, with lower corrosion resistance, are provided by the 13% chromium and 13/4 (13% chrome with 4% nickel addition) types of stainless steel. The 13/4 type is more commonly employed as a casting over the straight 13% chrome because of its higher ductility and lower propensity to cracking. The 13/4 steel is ideal for many pump parts, particularly impellers where its combination of corrosion and wear resistance, and strength are recognised.

With strong technique and cutting edge equipment,it adopts silicasol technologythe most advanced investment casting. it makes fine casting products according to different customer needs and also provides casting surface polishing and simple assembly services.

1,Standard material according to technical drawing

2,Quality guaranteed

3,Positive customer feedback from abroad and domestic market

4,Long exporting history

5,Competitive price level

6,Able to produce according to specification with technical drawing

7,Sample purpose order accepted

8,Packing according to specification required

Stainless Steel Casting offers high production rates, particularly for small or highly complex components, and extremely good surface finish with very little machining. The drawbacks include the specialized equipment, costly refractories and binders, many operations to make a mold, and occasional minute defects.

We can cast and process all kinds of grey iron,spherulitc iron,and stainless steel according to the drawing or samples provided by the customers with exellent quality and competitive price.if you are interested in our products,please dont hesitate to contact us.

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