What is Main Usage of High Weir Type Double Spiral Classifier

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What is Main Usage of High Weir Type Double Spiral Classifier

Post  redrose on Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:55 am

We have talked about something about the high weir type single spiral classifier, I think that most of us may know something about it. However, have you heard of the high weir type double spiral classifier? And what the main application of high weir type double spiral classifier?

The main component parts of high weir type double spiral calssifier (http://www.chinaquarry.com/products_show/pro30.html) are in the following:

1, the transmission device of the spiral is by motor through a coupling and reducer, spur gear, bevel gear.

2, screw shaft is hollow shaft, transmission side support on the cross shaft frame, for lifting the spiral do turn up and down, while the bottom support on the lower bearing, on the hollow shaft is equipped with supporting plate, for helical blade and continuous helical surface of wear resistant cast iron. Due to the rotation, spiral face pulp mixing effect, make the fine particles in the overflow and flow, number of coarse particle, screw conveyor to sink the upper row ore mouth, the lower part of the spiral bearing, due to long-term work in the pulp, adopt sealed sliding bearing, using 20 'machine oil lubrication.

3, the sink with steel plate steel compound and into, inlet opening by site ingredients.

4, lifting mechanism consists of motor, reducer, cone gear and screw lift finish. When grading machine stops working, to avoid damaged by precipitation spiral blade and starting again drive overloaded, must get the spiral rising, therefore no terminal switch, to ensure safety, can automatically control.

5, water drain valve in order to rule out pulp when necessary, with water drain valve, in normal work can be sealed tightly.

6, the lower bearing adopts rolling bearing lubrication, can not be short of oil.

Main application of high weir type double spiral classifier is as follows:

This machine to be ground fine ore and water mixture into pulp, according to the particle size, fine particles floating in the water in the overflow, coarse ore grain sink on the bottom of the channel, by the spiral to the discharge, also can be used for separation of fine mud and ore mineral dehydration.

For more: http://chinaquarry.com.


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