The first Triggerplant Journal

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The first Triggerplant Journal Empty The first Triggerplant Journal

Post  Johannes on Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:02 pm

Hello together,

thank you for the first Triggerplant Journal. It´s a fantastic work. The Triggerplant Journal, the Newsletters from Allen Lowrie and the book from Doug are my only information of this beautyful plants. I`m growing twohundert pots of it.
Here is my current list of my Triggerplants:

Stylidium 9 / 2009

Stylidium affine ( Sämlinge)

Stylidium amoenum

Stylidium adnatum

Stylidium assimile

Stylidium amoenum

Stylidium adnatum

Stylidium assimile

Stylidium brunonianum

Stylidium caespitosum

Stylidium calcaratum

Stylidium carnosum

Stylidium debile

Stylidium debile ` Compactum ´

Stylidium diuroides ( Sämlinge)

Stylidium diversifolium

Stylidium falcatum

Stylidium graminifolium

Stylidium guttatum

Stylidium hispidum

Stylidium lineare ( Sämlinge)

Stylidium ireneae

Stylidium imbricatum (Sämlinge)

Stylidium laricifolium

Stylidium piliferum

Stylidium repens

Stylidium scandens

Stylidium schoenioides

Stylidium sidonoides (ich weiß nicht ob der Name richtig ist) ?

Stylidium spathulatum

Stylidium spinulosum

Stylidium uniflorum

Stylidium spec. 1 ( corymbosum ? )

Stylidium spec. 2 ( corymbosum ? )

Stylidium spec. 3

Stylidium violaceum

Levenhookia stipitata

All the best,



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