Why Choose the HPC Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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Why Choose the HPC Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher  Empty Why Choose the HPC Series Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Post  redrose on Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:00 am

To improve the level of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country, improve domestic cone crusher performance, red star machine has been successfully used the PRM - 150 - b rock mechanics test of cone crusher laminating crushing process is simulated test, the crushing process selection function model is established and breakage function model, realized the numerical value simulation was carried out on the broken product particle size distribution analysis, developed a new type of HPC series hydraulic cone crusher.

After we producing this crusher machine, there are many customers choosing the HPC series hydraulic cone crusher. Do you want to know why? Today we will tell you the uniqueness of our HPC series hydraulic cone crusher. They are in the following:

1. The hydraulic system

The aircraft hydraulic system is used to adjust the size of the crusher row ore, and the hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation.When a foreign body in the crushing cavity, automatic hydraulic system can make the moving cone back, after the foreign body eduction, the system makes the dynamic cone automatic reset.To keep the original row ore mouth position to continue to work.

2. The crushing cavity

Crushing cavity is refers to the dynamic cone and fixed cone asked form the geometry of space.The shape of the crushing cavity had a great influence on the performance of the whole machine.Crusher cavity type is the main technical indicators broken.The machine from coarse crushing to finely designed four kinds of specifications of the cavity model, it has six possible combinations, which means it can best apply to user's special requirements.

3. Reliable sealing

The labyrinth seal, replace the traditional use of water seal, unable to make the dust impurities into the human body, so as to guarantee the clean of drawing, prolong the service life of the sliding bearing, thrust ball bearing, makes the machine is reliable.

4. Convenient to replace

Previous breaker replacing broken wall is very slow, new structure to replace the broken wall cone crusher (http://www.sell-crusher.com/pro/p7.html) very fast.Because of the broken walls with card pin, bolted fixed jacked up the broken wall. The broken wall is fixed with hydraulic nut fastening. Upper and lower don't need to add any filler material on the back of the broken wall, change so quickly, reduces the labor intensity of workers.


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