What about the Technical Development of Cone Breaker

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What about the Technical Development of Cone Breaker Empty What about the Technical Development of Cone Breaker

Post  redrose on Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:11 am

As a matter of fact, the cone breaker is also called cone crusher. In operation, the raw material (different size) is usually by dump trucks, excavator and wheel front loader transmission to the main mill hopper. Supply device such as a conveyor or vibration, control the rate of material into the crusher, often with a preliminary screening device, can make the small size of the raw materials out of the mill tap automatically, in order to improve efficiency.Main crushing chance to minish the bulk material into size can be handled by the downstream machine. Then how about the technical development of cone crusher?

Cone crusher (http://www.chinaquarry.com/products_show/cone_crusher.html) in operation on a similar cycle crusher, crushing cavity of the gradient is less, crushing zone between parallel with more. Abnormal cone crusher with a rotating, covered with wear-resisting layer of the shaft extrusion rocks to smash, and mill closed concave type bucket, is covered with manganese grooves or bowl lining. When the rock into the top of the cone crusher, it will be fixed in the coating and lining bowl or grooves between extrusion.Large pieces of ore crushing, then drop to a lower position (because they are small) again. This process continues until the pieces are small enough to through the small incision at the bottom of the mill.

The technology development of cone crusher is in the following:

The design of the cone crusher is slow. Has been roughly 60 years remain the same.More reliability and higher production has been included in the basic design of cone crusher, and the design is generally remain the same. And there is the biggest change, is rotational speed enhancement. For example, a 1960 production of 48 inches (120 cm) of cone crusher can produce 170 tons per hour of rubble, and today the same size of the awl can produce 300 tons per hour. These products improve from the improvement of speed and better crushing cavity design. The biggest progress on stability of cone crusher is the application of hydraulic technology, protect the crusher from not crush objects into the crushing chamber and losses. Foreign body, such as steel, and can cause massive damage in cone crusher, and cause more cost consumption in production. The progress of the hydraulic relief system, greatly reduce downtime, improve the service life of these machines.

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