How to Lubricate the Big Gear of Rotary Kiln

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How to Lubricate the Big Gear of Rotary Kiln Empty How to Lubricate the Big Gear of Rotary Kiln

Post  redrose on Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:26 am

Since we have talked about something about the transmission device and sealing device of rotary kiln. you may know something about them. But do you know anything about the big gear of rotary kiln? And how to drive and lubricate it?

In the kiln body big teeth, it is to rely on bilateral synchronous motor drive, there are two big gear and small gear.This pointMore, smooth operation, the stress of the tooth reduced half, the modulus and width of gear can be greatly reduced, is advantageous to the layout of the equipment. Bilateral drive too much can cause parts, installation and maintenance workload increase.On both sides of tooth surface has automatic nozzle spray lubrication.

After lubricating oil with pump pressurized to the cooling machine, cooling machine is mainly the clinker cooling, don't want there to be into heat, burning the waste oil added to the cooling machine will raise the temperature of the cooling machine, affect the clinker cooling efficiency.The waste oil should be introduced to the need to put calorie burning, such as preheating machine, kiln and other places.

The based procedures of lubrication big gear of rotary kiln are as follows: Lubricating oil and pump within the kiln under the base of the house, such arrangement to make the scene more clean, lubrication equipment of environment temperature is lower. Pump is the use of air compressor, compressed air coming from air compressor, first of all, through a filter to filter water removal. And then divided into two road. All the way to the top gear that is in the nozzle, the piping and connecting a electromagnetic hydraulic control valve. The other is all the way into the cans inside the pump, on the way pipe string has a pressure gauge, a tank and a pressure relief valve. Compressed air after oil tank, oil can make the air take part into the pump, the pump lubrication.Relief valve's job is to rely on into the nozzle solenoid valve to control, when the oil pressure is higher than 8 bar on a signal is induced electromagnetic valve for pressure relief valve pressure relief, the compressed air can not enter the cans in the work pressure, air compressor stop working. When oil pressure is lower than 6 bar, air compressor will work again. After the oil out of the barrel through a pressure gauge, the tube is equipped with an overload protection valve on the road. Finally into the nozzle, using the air to oil jet in the trachea, extra oil from the nozzle back to back in cans in the tubing.A tooth surface has four sets of parallel nozzle, fuel injection spray only every time one of the nozzle, and then to take injection.


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