Overview on Detailed Application of Raymond Mill

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Overview on Detailed Application of Raymond Mill Empty Overview on Detailed Application of Raymond Mill

Post  redrose on Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:52 pm

Raymond mill is also called the suspension roll mill and Raymond mill, is a kind of ring roller grinding with air filter, pneumatic conveying form to mill equipment. Raymond mill (pendulum pulverizer) belongs to the disc type fixed plate mill. Raymond mill is a kind of general mill equipment, continuous system with dry powder, particle size distribution of concentration and fineness of continuous adjustable, compact structure, etc. But do you know the detailed information about hte application of Raymond mill?

Compared with ball mill (http://www.sell-crusher.com/pro/p15.html), this equipment has higher efficiency, low electricity consumption, small floor space and small one-time investment. The grinding roll tightly presses on the grinding ring under centrifugal force; for this reason, when the grinding roll and the grinding ring are abraded, the output and the fineness of the final products are not influenced. The changing cycle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring is long. The air separation flow of this machine cyclically flows inside the air blower, mill case, cyclone separator and air blower, so that compared with high-speed centrifugal crusher, this machine has little powder dust and the operational workshop is clean.

Raymond mill finished product granularity according to different requirements in 0.125-0.125 mm (120-325 mesh) within the scope of regulation.Raymond mill has a very wide range of applications, the common material and application of Raymond mill are as follows:

(1) soil clay, China clay, bentonite, ling magnesia, clay, bauxite, etc.

(2) the nonmetal ore categories: gypsum, talc, graphite, fluorite and calcite, limestone, Fu stone, barite, apatite, wollastonite, feldspar, quartz, etc.

(3) metal oxide class: ferromanganese ore, chromite, ilmenite, titanium oxide, bauxite, etc.

(4) the chemical synthesis of plant-based: coke, petroleum coke, metallurgical coke, silicon carbide, barium sulfate, etc.

(5) other: Raymond mill products can be used in many industries, such as metallurgical industry with magnesium powder blast furnace refractory layer; Oil the barite powder pressure sealing nozzle;Bentonite slurry was used as the lubricant of drilling; Chemical light industries with different powder as filler in rubber, plastic, papermaking, coating; Building materials industry of ceramics, glass, enamel, white cement, gypsum products, ling magnesia products raw materials have been tilting grinding processing.

(6) Raymond mill is mainly used for grinding mok's hardness below level 7, humidity under 6% of all kinds of inflammable, explosive mineral materials.


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