Have You Know Structure of XJK Flotation Cells?

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Have You Know Structure of XJK Flotation Cells? Empty Have You Know Structure of XJK Flotation Cells?

Post  redrose on Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:17 am

In flotation factory in our country, the type XJK flotation machine is a kind of widely used mechanical agitation type flotation machine, it is also known as mine mechanical agitation type flotation machine, belongs to a kind of impeller with radiation air self-priming mechanical agitation flotation machine.It is your big, large production capacity, easy maintenance, etc.This paper mainly introduces the structure and working principle.

Flotation cell is suitable for separating nonferrous metal and black metal, and non-metal such as, coal, fluorite, talc, etc. The motor of the flotation separator drives impellers to rotate, and generate centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure, so on one hand, the flotation separator can inhale sufficient air to mix with slurry, on the other hand it can stir the slurry to mix with drug, while refine foam. So, mineral material can stick on the foam, and it will be the mineralized bubble after floating to the pulp surface. Adjusting the height of shutter and controlling the liquid surface can help to scrape useful foam. The flotation cells are composed of two trough and a unit, the first groove (with into the slurry pipe) as the suction slot or suction slot, the second slot (no into the slurry pipe) for their slot or dc slot.In the first slot and is equipped with middle room between the second slot.The impeller is installed on the lower end of the spindle, the spindle upper pulley, driven by motor rotation.The air by the inlet pipe to inhale.Each set of trough and the pulp surface with gate.Above the impeller with a cover plate and the air cylinder (or called a standpipe), air cylinder on the open hole, used to install into the slurry pipe, realized the return pipe or for pulp cycle, its the size of the hole, can be adjusted through the pull rod.Impeller is made of cast iron disc, on which there are six radial blades.5 ~ 6 mm above the impeller, with a cover plate.

Working process of this flotation cells (http://www.crushing-mill.com/flotation-cell/) is as follows: When flotation machine works, slurry by into the slurry pipe to the center of the plate, the centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the impeller to pulp, formed certain negative pressure between the impeller and the cover plate, the outside world will automatically through the intake pipe air and inhaled.Under the strong mixing effect of the impeller, pulp are fully mixed with air, airflow is divided into small bubbles at the same time.In addition, in the rear of the impeller blade will precipitate some air bubbles from the pulp.Mineralized bubbles floating to the bubble area after, with scraper scrape a quick foam products.


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