How to Choose Sand Maker in Sand Production System?

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How to Choose Sand Maker in Sand Production System?  Empty How to Choose Sand Maker in Sand Production System?

Post  redrose on Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:21 am

Mechanism of sand is some pebble, pebbles and other ore crusher and sand making machine and other ancillary processing equipment and sand, it can replace natural sand, even better than natural sand conforms to the requirements in the field of architecture.Henan liming heavy industry science and technology co., LTD. Is a world famous brand to mining machinery equipment manufacturers, the professional building sand making machine can according to different technical requirements into different rules and the size of sand, more can meet the daily needs.

Sand making machine in crushing ore, broken particle size, shape, and are on the production quantity and production index, so these can achieve customer satisfaction? At present, the mechanism of sand production usually primary crushing, secondary crushing and fine grinding, fine grinding is stage eventually into grains of sand. Its general sand production equipment product grain shape is refers to the geometric shape of particles.Both sand production line ( product grain shape and size, are the main technical indicators of the quality of the product.

But look from the technological requirements. Sometimes only require products maximum size limit, and at the end of the fine (crushed) shall not exceed the limit. Sometimes not only requires granularity, grain shape and requirements. Bone, for example: as a concrete not only have certain requirements of particle size, also requirement for grain shape of a cube (the so-called cube refers to the three dimensional particle size a, b, c of abc, and a/c value shall not be greater than 3), and with edges and corners as well, which can improve the strength of concrete. During the production line product particle size depends on its core equipment the third create sand machine is also called high efficiency fine crusher are guaranteed.Steelmaking with the limestone, particle size control in a certain scope, and asked not to produce or produce less powder.

Of course, maybe my summary is not comprehensive. And we also have other mining machines, such as jaw crusher, ball mill sand maker and so on. If you have other supplement, you can comment about my article. We learn from each other, and make progress together. Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you like it. If you have any other question, you can get int our website:


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