Category and Application of Cone Breaker Machine

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Category and Application of Cone Breaker Machine Empty Category and Application of Cone Breaker Machine

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Cone crusher, according to the scope of use, can be divided into coarse crushing, broken and finely three, coarse crushing cone crusher is also called gyratory crusher, broken and finely cone crusher is also called mushroom in the cone crusher. Gyratory crusher is a kind of coarse crushing equipment, it in the mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors, it is mainly used for coarse crushing all kinds of hardness of the ore. Mushroom crusher is mainly used for various hardness ore crusher and fine grinding equipment.

On basis of the current situation of crushing workshop in China, crushing equipment are mostly used in standard cone crusher, finely equipment mostly use short head type cone crusher, has almost finalize the design.However, coarse crushing equipment is not gyratory crusher, jaw crusher is use. In order to correctly select and rational use of coarse crushing didn't prepare, is presently as follows are briefly analyzed.

Compare with China jaw crusher, the main advantages of coarse crushing cone crusher are :1, crushing cavity depth is large, continuous work, high production capacity, unit power consumption is low.It is the same as the feed mouth width of jaw crusher, production capacity is more than twice as high than the latter, while the power consumption per ton ores than jaw crusher low 0.5 to 1.2 times; 2, work smoothly, vibration is lighter, smaller basis weight of the machinery and equipment.The basis weight of the gyratory crusher, usually is two to three times the weight of the machinery and equipment, while the basis weight of the jaw crusher is 5 to 10 times the weight of the machine itself. 3, can full feed, large gyratory crusher can directly into the original ore, without adding ore bin and feeder.

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