What are Typical Applications of Sawdust Drying Machine?

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What are Typical Applications of Sawdust Drying Machine? Empty What are Typical Applications of Sawdust Drying Machine?

Post  redrose on Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:23 am

We all know that the drying is significant for the good preparation of resources previous to their briquetting. To build superior quality briquettes with high mass, it is very vital to manage the wetness content of raw stuff to 8-12% before loading the them into briquette machine, so sawdust and other kinds of biomass want to be dried first.

Sawdust dryer, known as flash dryer or air current drying machine, is not a bad choice for drying biomass materials to the required moisture content. It is the most inexpensive type drying machine nowadays in biomass industry but with the same drying effect as rotary drum dryer. The whole body includes air boiler, hopper, cyclone separator, fan blower and drying column. Pipe dryer can be used for drying various types of small and light biomass materials such as wood chips, wood sawdust, corn stalks, rice hulls, etc. with their diameter less than 3mm.

Typical Applications of Sawdust dryer china are in the following:

Ultimate for subtraction of moisture from free of charge smooth materials which is light and tiny like sawdust, rice shell, milled stalks etc.; suitable for small production scale below 700kgs per hour. It is suitble for drying materials of moisture 30-35%. It takes the advantages of low cost consumption and high efficiency, reducing the moisture to 8-12%. Wet material is input into the hopper.The stoves (boilers) generate hot air which mixes with wet materials and then is sucked into the pipes by the exhaust blower (fan) quickly. It also named rotary drum drier, it is a heating and drying device for material. Were widely used in cement, mining, building materials, chemical industry, drying coal, limestone, grain, sand, clay and other materials.

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