How to Distinguish Rod Mill from Overflow Ball Mill?

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How to Distinguish Rod Mill from Overflow Ball Mill? Empty How to Distinguish Rod Mill from Overflow Ball Mill?

Post  redrose on Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:37 pm

Ball mill machien and grinding rod mill are important for mine mill, their production capacity is related to the following factors: the grindability of mineral, feed and final product particle size, grinding machine type and size, the shape of the plate, the shape, size, ratio of grinding medium, the hardness and density, mill work revolutions, grinding medium filling rate, grinding concentration, the working efficiency of the sand return amount and grading equipment, etc. The structure of the rod mill and the overflow type ball mill grinder is roughly same, but there are three difference:

(1) rod grinding mill commonly used 50-100 - mm diameter steel bar as grinding medium, and the ball mill grinding media ball. Steel bar length 25 to 50 mm, shorter than shell carbon 0.8% - 0.8% of the high carbon steel is often used to manufacture;Rod load quantity for grinding rod mill about 35% - 35% of effective volume, with the naked eye observation, the level of the rod in about 100-200 - mm below the center line of the cylinder.

(2) the grinding rod mill barrel length to diameter is generally 1.5 2.0, and the end cover plate on the inside surface should be a vertical plane. Its purpose is to prevent and reduce the steel bar in the cylinder body from the chaos movement, bend and break, ensure the steel rods have regular exercise. Ball grinder barrel length and the ratio of the smaller diameter, in most cases the ratio only slightly greater than 1.

(3) rod mill without grating ore, and use the overflow type, open rack row ore;Row ore side hollow shaft neck diameter is bigger than ball mill is generally the same specification. Rod grinding mill cylinder speed should be lower than the same specification of the ball mill machine work speed, drop them in the medium of xie type work status.

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