How about Usages of Combined Drying Equipment?

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How about Usages of Combined Drying Equipment? Empty How about Usages of Combined Drying Equipment?

Post  redrose on Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:52 pm

Different classification of the different application scope of drying equipment, we have different ways of drying under the kinds of adaptability to conduct a comprehensive introduction of drier and comprehensive analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of different drying methods of rotary drying machines.

Conduction dry mining equipment after metals shu face indirect heat transfer needed to dry. The drying rate of dry mining equipment is lower than the direct drying method. During the constant speed drying temperature cross products have nothing to do with heat source temperature cross, general and device of gas pressure in the saturation temperature is the same.Inequality in order to improve the drying rate and prevent dry, usually with mechanical agitation or rotating the container itself, in order to increase the heat transfer surface or updated materials, so it is necessary to deeply study the heat transfer mechanism of a problem. dry mining equipment itself is expensive, but its characteristic is dust collection system load is small, high thermal efficiency, solvent recovery easily, the total cost much cheaper than the direct drying method.

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Combined-type dry mining equipment is becoming more and more widely used, such as spray dryer and the combination of vibration fluidized bed dryer, rake dryer and combined vibration fluidized bed dryer, drying machine, conduction rotary stirring drying machine, drying machine and combined fluidized bed dryer, purpose is to obtain lower moisture content.Spray dryer alone can get a 1% to 3% moisture content of products, such as the required moisture content below 0.3%, exhaust temperature cross often need to be above 120 ℃, the loss of heat energy is very large.Similarly, if have further request for water, water content below 0.1%, the exhaust temperature requirements at above 130 ℃. To save heat energy, in the design for rotary drying machine, general use 90 ℃ temperature cross spray dryer, the moisture content of 2%, recovery of 60 ℃ hot air can be used in series of horizontal fluidized bed dryer, final moisture can reach 0. 1%, and the heat can save 20%.

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