What is the Key Issue for Choosing Hammer Head?

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What is the Key Issue for Choosing Hammer Head? Empty What is the Key Issue for Choosing Hammer Head?

Post  redrose on Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:53 pm

Hammer crusher machine has big crushing ratio, uniform discharging granularity, material is less, and low energy consumption.But because the hammer wear faster, on the application of hard material crushing is limited;Also because of the grate is afraid of congestion, should not use it broken humidity and contain clay materials.

This hammer mill crusher
is usually used for crushing limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, hard and brittle material under the chalk, etc.Will hammer crusher hammer in for steel ring ring type coal pulverizer, hammer crusher machine is variant. Which makes use of the combination of high speed impact and low speed rolling to broken material, and therefore can obtain a finer products, mainly for crushing coal power plants, but also can be used for gypsum, salt chemical raw materials, and in some hard material of broken.

Hammer head material selection for hammer crusher machine is a key problem. The choice of material depends on the working conditions and requirements of work parts. Because of the broken confidential broken is medium hardness materials such as limestone.Generally use high carbon steel forging or casting, high manganese steel casting is also available. In order to improve the wear resistance, high manganese low alloy steel, as well as the work surface coated with a layer of hard alloy. Some high chromium cast iron, its wear resistance is several times greater than that of the high manganese steel hammer.Questions about the choice of materials, in the projects section: to raise the wearability of Hammer crusher machine head study, have special deals. Don't was introduced in detail.In short, the choice of the hammer head materials, not only relates to the working life of the hammer head, Hammer crusher machine production capacity, production efficiency, also is related to all aspects of the economy.

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