You Had Better Protect Reducer of Cement Mill

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You Had Better Protect Reducer of Cement Mill Empty You Had Better Protect Reducer of Cement Mill

Post  redrose on Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:56 pm

For normal operation of the cement machinery reducer voice, should be evenly smooth. Friction gear such as a slight tapping, hoarse voice, no significant changes in operation, can continue to observe and find out the reason, parking cement machinery processing, such as voice is more and more big, should immediately stop the ball mill for inspection.

It is important to note that the balance of the cement machinery reducer wheel not according to stipulations of meshing teeth with middle wheel elevation installation, can cause the intermediate shaft on one side of the cement machinery of high-speed shaft pinion driven wheel, cement machinery and intermediate shaft pinion drive the balance wheel, ball mill balance wheel is turned to drive on the other side of the intermediate shaft, the ball mill reducer without the formation of both rotation, some sound, this is dangerous.

China cement mill reducer bearing wear: Reducer bearing and the bearing chamber, the overload, overlap of high speed high torque at low speed under the start, and under the action of vibration equipment, radial impact, bearing chamber or bearing a metal fatigue, produce permanent deformation; Bearing or bearing outer ring and inner ring on the shaft bearing chamber clearance fit, resulting in relative motion develop blemishes.Once appear this issue, seriously affecting the normal production of the equipment.

Reducer bearing chamber if appear wear away, replace expensive components, manufacturing cycle is longer, general repair methods for the removal of repair welding after machining or expanding set steel bushing, time-consuming, laborious and costly.Is a new type of cement machinery adopts high polymer material, has excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity, to properly solve the problem.

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