Steel casting is both an art and a technology

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Steel casting is both an art and a technology Empty Steel casting is both an art and a technology

Post  megan2008 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:35 am

Steel casting is not only an art,but also a science.Steel casting is widely used in construction machinery castings,mining machinery castings,electrical casting, hardware casting and so on.Cast steel is more reliable for more complicated castings because it is more flexible and has a higher resistance to tension than cast iron.

Steel casting is an art. You must have a feel for how the melted steel behaves in different situations and what happens when it hardens. You also need lengthy experience before you can master the entire processfrom receiving the customerís drawings to providing samples that are ready for production. In addition, being experienced and qualified is ultimately connected to the optimum performance of the product throughout its life cycle. Also, you need to know which of our casting methods and alloy combinations offer the optimum result. Fotai has the capacity for all this. Our experienced foundry engineers enthusiastically await each new challenge from our customers. The more difficult it is, the more enthusiastic they are.

But steel casting is also a science. Processes, materials and techniques undergo constant development. Our efficient engineering plant and regular contact with Swecastenables us to use the most modern and advanced foundry technology.Our staff undergo continuous training in foundry engineering and metallurgy.

Cast toughened steel is extremely durable and ductile.Cast steel has isotropic properties, that is to say consistent physical properties in all directions. Our unique cast toughened steel has been used for decades in a variety of machines and industries throughout the world.

We can manufacture up to four tonnes of heavy, stainless steel, cast steel components for the paper and pulp industries. But we also manufacture cast steel componentswith excellent endurance properties for forestry machines that have to perform faultlessly in extreme conditions. Our wide range of products ensures that you can turn to us for your cast steel products in the safe knowledge that we will meet your needs.

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