Knowledge about the process of investment casting

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Knowledge about the process of investment casting Empty Knowledge about the process of investment casting

Post  megan2008 on Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:50 am

China is the superpower in the casting fields.In recent years,casting techonology of our country has developed rapidly,and the proportion of investment casting in modern foundry is growing.Investment casting is one of technology used in steel casting manufacturers,investment casting manufacturers,and automotive castings manufacturers and so on.

The process of investment casting involves the designing of the component with wax, and then covering it with plaster slurry,which is then allowed to set and harden.When heat is applied, the wax inside melts away leaving a cavity,into which molten metal is poured.The cooling time can be adjusted to get the desired metallurgical properties for the cast part.The casting is retrieved by simply removing it from the plaster mold.

Castings that need any kind of surface finish,with details can be produced immediately without the need of further detailing and finishing.Hot isostatic pressing after the casting process helps to increase the fatigue strength. Investment casting saves casting time and labor costs over many other metal casting methods.The end product exhibits high mechanical and metallurgical properties.

This process gives a stable, single continuous structure and reduces the need of joining several parts by welding.It helps to reduce weight,improves accuracy, enhances stability and lowers cost.

Investment castings have applications in a variety of fields from golf clubs to high-end airframe components.During the World War II, investment-casting components found applications in airplanes.But the demand from military applications subsided and investment-casting manufacturers leveraged their existing foundry capabilities to serve the commercial market.Thus investment casting found applications in cars,telecommunication instruments, and surgical implants.Investment castings can produce components of complex structures that are difficult, if not impossible for other metal casting methods.

Refined rapid solidification techniques and fine alloy microstructure improved the static properties of castings that demanded extreme thin wall capabilities.The unique properties of investment castings and its reliability make it the preferred choice for an unending range of applications.

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