How to Install the Hopper Device of Ball Grinder?

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How to Install the Hopper Device of Ball Grinder? Empty How to Install the Hopper Device of Ball Grinder?

Post  redrose on Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:19 pm

Ball mill slow driveWill be subject to the pinion shaft group installed slow drive, drive slowly with the workshop 16 t crane hoisting in place, and slow drive installed in strict accordance with the instructions for installation.After installation, hand movement should be flexible.Check the slow drive shaft and pinion shaft concentricity of clutch ( 0.5 mm) and axial clearance.

The inlet hopper installation of ball grinder is in the following:

Before installing coupling flange surface should be clean, the bolts should be uniform to tight.Gasket should joint is good to prevent leakage of material.Chassis to level, fixed bracket is firm and vertical, inward and outward flange should be level.Not concentricity hopper with barrel is not more than 2 mm.Short tube within the department and the hollow shaft of radial clearance should be equal on both sides, the upper slightly bigger than the lower, the thrust end should be 3 mm axial clearance, bearing the axial clearance should be less than 20 mm.

Lubrication system after the assembly, should be tested, cooling water pipe test pressure not less than 0.45 Mpa, everywhere in 30 min without leakage phenomenon;High-pressure pipe test pressure is not lower than high pressure rated pressure, the pressure test for 10 min..Must be direction to the fuel tank, pipe line is the slope of not less than 1:40.Lubricating oil pipeline installation, pipeline oil circulation.Oil loop, not through the bearing, temporary bypass line, close to the tank installed on the oil return of mother tube hole 0.5 0.7 filter, oil circulating until screen without sundry, circulating oil provided by the owner.

Tank after the completion of the oil circulation, remove impurities, note the new lubricating oil, bearing installed on the tubing entrance hole of 0.3 mm screen, through the bearing oil circulation, adjust the oil loop, make sufficient shaft neck and evenly is full of oil, the bearing of the shaft seal shall not leak. If you want to know more about the ball mill mahcine, you also can get into our website to look for waht you want to know:


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