Had You Realized Operating Parameters of Cooling Machine?

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Had You Realized Operating Parameters of Cooling Machine? Empty Had You Realized Operating Parameters of Cooling Machine?

Post  redrose on Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:48 pm

In the actual production, the equipment is not isolated, cooling machine and kiln operation between the restriction and influence each other.Therefore must according to the specific situation is analyzed.It is generally hope the export of clinker cooling machine operation temperature is low, the secondary air temperature is high, as far as possible the cooling machine exhaust gas temperature is lower. Grate cooler operation is even more so. But had you realized the operating parameters of cooling machine?

Generally the main parameters of cooling machine are as follows:

1. The layer thickness of material layer thickness even, can produce the same gas resistance, gas can also be evenly distributed on the whole material layer.This is the basic conditions of cooling machine for normal operation.The thickness of material layer can be change by adjusting the speed of the fire grate, speed the material layer is thin, the conversely.If the grate speed, the clinker by cooling machine for a short time, the temperature of the clinker exports will be higher, it will also lower the temperature of secondary air.Material thickness, air pressure is big

2. High pressure air volume in a cooling machine, cooling air pressure is higher, air volume is not large, the waste gas mainly as a secondary air into the furnace.Air volume of clinker cooling, but also causes secondary air temperature is low, at the same time, kiln head fly ash will be relatively large.

3. The medium pressure air volume refers to the second member of the cooling machine or other wind chamber by medium pressure air volume, medium pressure air volume is advantageous to the cooling of clinker, but this will affect the exhaust gas and the temperature of the secondary air, especially for waste heat power generation system. So medium pressure air volume is also not the more the better, as long as the clinker cooling can be can to a certain temperature.

4. The clinker particles in the cooling machine (http://www.chinaquarry.com/products_show/cooling_machine.html) is not allowed to have the clinker raw or very fine powder, the powder will not only cause material layer resistance, less clinker cooling efficiency, at the same time also can cause fire grate place by air less, grate without sufficient cooling high temperature easy to burn out.

5. Clinker and air distribution of clinker in addition to the required thickness uniformity, clinker particles also requires uniform distribution.If a piece is big particles, is a piece of small particles, such where large particles on the gas resistance is small, the air volume will be bigger, fine local resistance is larger, there would be fewer airflow through, lead to the area of the material cannot be effective cooling


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