How about Key Component of Grinding Rod Mill?

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How about Key Component of Grinding Rod Mill? Empty How about Key Component of Grinding Rod Mill?

Post  redrose on Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:33 am

As you know that grinding rod mill is widely used for the grinding process which has high requirement for the uniformity of the ground final products in refractory, chemistry, metallurgy and glass industry, and it has also been used in building sand making industry in recent years. But do you know the key component of rod mill?

Drive by the big gear and small gear, shaft, belt and small gear lubrication oil bearing parts, large gear is installed on the cylinder discharge end flange, put together by two and a half gear, gear lubrication has a size Set of RPC - 4 pneumatic spray lubrication device, this device is according to the size of gear grinding machine, overloading, the characteristics of continuous work at low speed and open drive and setup, it has the air pump, nozzle, filter, valve, instruments, fuel tanks and other components, it can timing and quantitative, orientation, automatically to appropriate gear lubricant spray to the work surface, improve the gear lubrication conditions, extended operating life of the gear, and at the bottom of the gear cover set up bring small gear oil made of phenolic plate material, in order to improve the size of the gear lubrication conditions.

Rotary body of Fote rod grinding mill in China is a cylinder with steel plate welded together, at both ends with bolt respectively connected to inlet and discharge hollow shaft, and the level of support on the two main shaft, the inlet and discharge in the hollow shaft is equipped with feeding spiral tube.Rotary part is through the fixed shell side of the big gear ring, the pinion with the aid of reducer, motor and rotary.In the interior of the cylinder is equipped with lining board, both to protect cylinder and the steel bar to the right height in order to improve the system efficiency of sand.In order to prevent from plate bolt hole to ash, water leakage, lining board bolt at close to the tube wall in vitro should be put on two laps asbestos rope (or called abutilon plus white ink), in order to ensure the seal.Cylinder has a manhole door, in order to have discharge grinding medium is repaired change tower internal parts.

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